Product Highlights:

  • DeVilbiss OSD® - increases accuracy and reliability for longer service intervals
  • Quiet operating system – 15% sound quality improvement
  • Easy to access patient controls and protected cannula fitting
  • Recessed humidifier nook prevents damage
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Flow meter lock feature
  • Provided with top and side handles for easy transport
  • Can accommodate up to 50-foot cannula (15.3 meters)
  • Made in the USA 


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Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator Machine

15% sound quality improvement

The DeVilbiss 10 Liter Home Oxygen machine is based on a long history of field-proven concentrator models.

This robust concentrator is made in the USA and offers the perfect balance between cool and quiet. Two-piece cabinet design provides 15% improvement in sound quality and improved cooling with continuous flow.

These improvements, which are paired with the proven DeVilbiss Technology Turn-Down Technology, reduce wear on internal components and extend the unit's life expectancy.

It is simple to assemble and take apart.

• DeVilbiss Smart Track® Concentrator Management System Features:

  •  Performs an in-depth concentrator test.
  •  Records patient oxygen levels and downloads critical equipment information.
  •  Strong design for increased durability.
  •  Unit tested at high temperatures and high humidity for prolonged periods.
  •  Flow Rate & Pulse dose
  •  Proven rotary valve design.
  •  Compressor durability.
  •  A two-piece cabinet is easy to assemble and disassemble for ease of maintenance.
  •  The intake filter has a transparent back that allows technicians to quickly see if it is dirty.

Safety Features

Alarms indicate:

  • Power cut off 
  • High/low pressure
  • Low oxygen
  • Service Required
  • Ensures pressure-compensated flow meter
  • Displays accurate flow information
  • Thermal protection on the compressor and pressure-relief valve 
  • Flame-retardant cabinet
  • Dual insulated unit
  • Turn-Down Technology
  • Reduces its flow cycle automatically below 2-1/2 lpm, which results in a 35% decrease in System pressure to reduce on Compressor bearings and internal fittings.
  • Energy-efficient design reduces wear on internal components this prolongs the life expectancy of your concentrator

Maxtechhealth Care provides oxygen machine rental to patients who seek oxygen therapy.

Data sheet

In Box
1 Machine, User manual
Model Name/Number
Compact 1025
Country of Origin
United States of America (USA)
2 Year's Mfr Warranty
19 kg
62.2 x 34.2 x 30.4 cm
Oxygen Purity
87% - 96%
Sound Level
59 dBA to 69 dBA
Power Consumption
639 watts (avg)
Oxygen Flow
2.0 to 10.0 liters per minute
Oxygen Outlet Pressure
20.0 PSI ± 1.0 PSI
OPI (oxygen percentage indicator) Alarm Levels
High Pressure, High / Low flow Low Oxygen, High gas temperature Power failure
  • Weighing only 19 kg (42 lbs), the 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator is one of the smallest, most compact high-volume concentrators on the market, perfect for patients who require more than 5 lpm of oxygen. Equipped with an exclusive DeVilbiss Oxygen Sensing Device (OSD®) for monitoring oxygen produced, this concentrator helps to ensure user safety and product reliability.
  • Capable of delivering up to 96% of O2 purity from 2 to 10 LPM.
  • Equipped with accessible patient controls, bright LEDs that can be seen from a distance, protected cannula fitting, and recessed humidifier nook to prevent damage.
  • To reduce service and maintenance, alarms do not require a battery. Alarms indicate:
  1. — Power failure
  2. — High gas temperature
  3. — High pressure
  4. — Low/high flow
  5. — Low oxygen
  6. — Service required

Specification Devilbiss 10 lit Oxygen Machine

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Dimensions (H x W x D) : 62.2 cm x 34.2 cm x 30.4 cm
Flow : 2 - 10 LPM
Outlet Pressure : 20.0 +/- 1.0 psi (138 kPA +/- 7kPA)
Weight : 19 kg
Oxygen Concentration : 87 % - 96 %
Alarms (Audible and Visual) : High Pressure | High / Low fow| Low Oxygen |High gas temperature | Power failure
Electrical Rating : 230 V, 50 Hz, 3.2 A




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Please take the advice of the authorized medical practitioner before use. 

  1. Hospital bed, Suction Machine, Oxygen Machine, Wheel Chair, Walker, Food Table, Air Bed or any other machine took on monthly rental and used for a single day or returned before the due date then also rent will be charged for the whole month it will not be counted on a daily basis or pro-rata basis no refund will not be provided.
  2. If any Product was taken on per daily basis then it cannot be converted on a monthly basis
  3. Patient relatives are advised to keep at least 24 hrs. backup of the machine which is taken on rent, in case of emergency as our service times are between 10.00 am to 7.00 pm. Sunday & Public Holidays Closed.
  4. Advance monthly rental
  5. Late payment charges @ 50 Rs per day. (Grace period 7 days from the date of invoice)
  6. Intimation of return of any rented machine should be intimated only through what’s up on 7666691130 or via mail on no verbal communication will be accepted.
Purnima Chawla 03/11/2022 03:21:10

quality is awesome

it helps to support the breathing problem, feeling comfort & relax, good product

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