Product Highlights:

  • Automatic Airway Regulation
  • AVAPS adapts to changes
  • Digital 'Auto-Trak' feature
  • Clinically tested and proven solutions
  • Satisfying patient's needs
  • Design curated for patients
  • Personalized care
  • Stay in touch with your patients

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Bipap Machine Uses

is a medical device that is used to treat patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

Noninvasive home ventilator

Philips BiPAP Machine (AVAPS) noninvasive ventilator is designed to aid patients by providing effective treatment to children and adults who weigh over 20 kgs.

Advanced patient care, automated adjustments to accommodate changing requirements of patients. It is light in weight, quieter and more user-friendly device that both patients and clinicians are certain to enjoy and use. It provides utmost patient comfort.

Benefits of using BiPAP AVAPS:

Useful to both clinicians and patients.

  • AVAPS (average Volume-Assured Pressure Support) automatically adjusts to the progression of disease and changing needs of the patient

  •  Ensures maximum comfort for patients without compromising patient care or efficiency

  •  Improves ventilation efficiency

  •  Facilitates the titration process

AVAPS is an average volume-assured pressure system. AVAPS offers a customized patient experience by automatically adjusting pressure support to ensure a constant Tidal Volume.

AVAPS automatically adapts to changes in disease progression and demands of the patient.

It aids in maintaining the highest level of comfort for patients while also supporting patients' care and the effectiveness of ventilation and easing the titration process.

AVAPS can provide beneficial physiological benefits that result in a higher efficacy reduction.

AVAPS is designed to guarantee a consistent volume of air tidal while also delivering the benefits and comfort that come with pressure relief.

Maxtechhealth provides bipap machines on rent to patients who seek sleep apnea therapy.

Bipap Machine Price at Discounted Rates.

Data sheet

In Box
1 Machine, Filter, additional filter, hose pipe, Bag, Code Wire & User manual
Country of Origin
United States of America (USA)
2 Year's Mfr Warranty
With Humidifier
With Mask
1.33 kg/2.94 lbs (w/o humidifier): 1.98 kg/4.37 lbs (w/ humidifier) Including power supply
15.7 x 19.3 x 8.4 cm (w/o humidifier) 29.7 x 19.3 x 8.4 cm (w/ humidifier)
Ramp Time
5 to 40 minutes (increment is 5 minutes)
Data Storage Capacity (minimum)
SD card: 6 months, On-board: 3 months
Electrical requirements
100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A

Dream Family

  • Patient-driven design
  • Supports long-term use
  • Increased efficiencies


Intuitive ventilation therapies

  • AVAPS - Automatically delivers customized care by adapting to disease progression.
  • Digital Auto-Trak - Adjusts ventilation to the patient's natural breathing while compensating for leaks.
  • AVAPS-AE - Auto-titration mode has the proven performance of AVAPS, maintains a patent airway and applies an auto back-up rate.
  • Automated Airway Management in any ventilation mode - Automatically and dynamically manages a patients upper airway in any ventilation mode.
  • Humidification (optional)
  • Fixed, adaptive, heated tube
  • Pre-heat humidifier option
  • Modular design with one-piece, dishwasher-safe water chamber

Daily Progress Feedback displays a simple trend of the patient's nightly use to help track progress.

DreamMapper patient self-management

system compatibility



Note: The information provided is best to our knowledge and is subject to change without notice.

Picture for illustration purposes only, actual product and accessories may vary.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Please take the advice of the authorized medical practitioner before use.

Bipap Avaps DreamStation On Rent Specification

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Prescription guidelines

Rise time : 1 to 6
Ramp time : 5 to 40 minutes (increment is 5 minutes)
Ventilation : 4 to 30 cm H2O (increment is .5 cm H2O) EPAP: 4 to 25 cm H2O (increment is .5 cm H2O)
Pressure : CPAP max pressure is 20 cm H2O
Modes : CPAP, S, S/T, T, PC
Breath per minute : 1 to 30 (increment is 1 breath)
Digital Auto-Trak : No settings – fully automated triggering, cycling, and leak compensation
AVAPS        : Target volume: 200 to 1500 ml per breath (increment is 10 ml) Max. IPAP: 6 cm H2O to 30 cm H2O Min. IPAP: EPAP plus 2 cm H2O to 30 cm H2O (Minimum Pressure support is 2 cm H2O)



Humidification   : Heated humidification: fixed, adaptive
Data storage capacity (minimum) : SD card: 6 months, Onboard: 3 months
Filters : Reusable pollen; disposable ultra-fine
Dimensions : 15.7 x 19.3 x 8.4 cm (without humidifier); 29.7 x 19.3 x 8.4 cm (with humidifier)
Weight : 1.33 kg/2.94 lbs (without humidifier); 1.98 kg/ 4.37 lbs (w/humidifier): including power supply
Voltage : 100 – 240 VAC



The description and specifications on the website are correct at the time of publishing.

In Pursuit of continual improvement, we reserve the right to change the design and specifications of any of our products without prior notice.

Picture for illustration purposes only

Specifications are taken from the above company website and they may change as per the changes on the company website.




Please take the advice of the authorized medical practitioner before use.

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  4. Advance monthly rental
  5. Late payment charges @ 50 Rs per day. (Grace period 7 days from the date of invoice)
  6. Intimation of return of any rented machine should be intimated only through what’s up on 7666691130 or via mail on no verbal communication will be accepted.
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