Product Highlights:

  • Light weight & Compact Design 
  • High-speed Measuring Time 
  • Automatic Power-Off Feature 
  • Minimum Power Consumption 
  • Dual-Colour OLED Display 
  • Respiratory Rate Monitor 
  • Oxygen Level Monitor 
  • Perfusion Index 

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Pulse Oximeter 

Medtech Oxygard is one of the best oximeters that gives accurate results of pulse rate from about 60 to 100bpm.

This device works best with warmer hands as the oxygen levels fluctuate, you might want to consider taking multiple tests in a day. 

If you experience a sign of breathlessness or an existing heart or lung condition the doctor might recommend the use of the pulse oximeter.

The pulse oximeter, also known as Pulse Ox, is an electronic device that monitors oxygen saturation level by red blood cells.

Pulse oximeters can be attached to your forehead, fingers, nose, feet, ears or toes. The device can be used again or disposed of.

The Medtech Oxygard Oximeter Pulse Oximeter is a portable device that is used in hospitals to measure levels of oxygenation in the arterial hemoglobin in adults, adolescents, and children. 

Monitoring oxygen saturation and heart rate in sports and activities at high altitude. It is essential to manage the use of oxygen in supplemental form, COPD, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. 

Medtech Oximeter OG 05 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is among the top oximeters on the market. Medtech offers one of the highest quality oximeters available and is among the most popular brands in the market today.

Pulse Oximeter is a non-invasive technique used to check the level of oxygen in blood. The sensor is put on a small part of the patient's body, like the earlobe or fingertip. For infants, put the device on the sole of their feet. 

The device utilizes wavelengths of light to gauge the absorbance of blood that is pulsing veins, blood venous, skin or other tissues. This procedure is painless and quick.

The pulse oximeter can be used in any situation where a patient's Oxygen level is not stable. It is used to assess any patient's oxygenation and determine the need for or effectiveness of supplemental oxygen. 

Used to treat Patient suffering from-



Heart problems



How to use: 

Put your finger into the pulse oximeter device and then press "on" 

The monitor is light weighted, consumes low power and easy to carry which allows you to test your oxygen saturation wherever you go.  

The auto 'shut-off' feature saves battery life of the device. 

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Data sheet

In Box
1 Fingertip Pulse Oxymeter, Two AAA batteries, One Lanyard, One User Manual
Model Name/Number
Country of Origin
1 Year Mfr Warranty
180 g
4 x 2 x 4 mm
Display Type
OLED display
Low Battery Indicator
  • Simple to operate and convenient to carry.
  • Small volume, lightweight, and low power consumption.
  • Dual color OLED displays SpO2, PR, PI (perfusion index), Pulse bar, and waveform.
  • 7 display modes
  • Level 1-10 adjustable brightness.
  • 2pcs AAA-size alkaline batteries; real-time battery status indication.
  • A week or unstable signal prompt provides more accurate measurements.
  • When no signal or low signal is detected, the pulse oximeter will power off automatically in 8 seconds
  • Multiple-patient reusability.

Pulse Oximeter Oxygard OG05 Medtech Specification 

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Display Type : OLED display
SpO2 Display range : 0%~100%
Measurement range  : 70%~100%±2%; 0%~69% no definition
Resolution : 1%
Pulse Rate Display range : 30bpm~250bpm
Measure range : 30bpm~250bpm
Accuracy  : 30bpm~99bpm, ±2bpm; 100bpm~250bpm, ±2%
Resolution : 1bpm


Perfusion Index

Display range : 0.1%~20.0%
Measure range : 0.1%~20.0%
Accuracy : 0.2%~1.0%, ±0.2digits; 1.1%~20.0%, ±20%
Resolution  : 0.1%


Probe LED Specifications

RED 660±3nm 3.2mW
IR 905±10nm 2.4mW



Package contents

  • 1 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • Two AAA batteries
  • One Lanyard
  • One User Manual



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Please take the advice of the authorized medical practitioner before use. 

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