Product Highlights:

  • Clinical Benefits-Circumferential, Sequential, Gradient
  • Patient Sensing Technology
  • Vascular Refill Detection
  • Measures venous refill time
  • Battery backup of 8 hours 
  • Easy to understand Interface
  • One touch start up
  • Compact 
  • Adjustable Bed Hook
  • Reduced noise output
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


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DVT Pump - Kendall SCD 700

The Kendall SCD 700 series of controllers is an all-in-one solution that has been clinically proven to prevent venous embolism (VTE). The features of the controller allow enhanced functionality and ease of use to provide security.


Alarm resolution

The animated icons explain the root of the issue and suggest how they can fix it.


With a limited ingress of liquid, a high-quality battery IPX3) with a reliable power supply, and fully protected batteries.

Noise reduction

Minimal Noise for patient comfort 


Clear blood clots

Increases blood flow 

Provides relief to legs



Smooth, continuous surfaces and a slim profile makes cleaning simple.

User Interface

3.2 Color LCD display has big icons that are easy to read.

Compatibility with cleaning

The material for controllers is compatible with the majority of major cleaning agents for hospitals.


Simple Start-up using just one touch to operate leg compression.

USB Port makes software upgrades simple.

Bed hooks that can be adjusted easily and securely to the majority of footboards.

Vascular refill detection:

Individualized therapy designed for patients

Vascular refill detection is exclusive for Kendall SCD DVT pump (tm) compression, it allows the controller to tailor compression cycles according to the individual patient's venous refill time.

This helps to move most of blood through time, allowing seven percent more opposed to compression systems with no detection of vascular refills.

The default compression time which lasts for 11 seconds is applied on the patient's legs.

Sleeve is deflated, retaining 6 millimeters inside the mid-chamber of calves.

The pressure is maintained and continuously monitored for at least 60 seconds in order to determine girth variations of the calves.

If the calf's length stops growing over a period of 10 seconds it signifies that the veins of the leg have been filled completely.

The time for refilling the vasculature is measured and set. The sleeves deflate.

The rate of refilling the vascular system is reviewed at least every thirty minutes in order to take into account variations in the patient's variables.


It is the Kendall SCD 700 DVT pump series of sequential compression system is designed to provide periodic pneumatic compression to improve the flow of blood through venous veins in those at risk to prevent deep vein thrombosis and also pulmonary embolism. This DVT pump can be used as a prescribed device to be used in a medical setting or at home. The system consists of the controller, tubing sets (provided in conjunction with the controller) and single-use clothes (purchased separately from the controller). The clothes, including the foot cuffs and leg sleeves are designed to compress the limbs in order to improve blood flow. When the compression cycle has reached the pressure set and the Controller evaluates the length of time that it takes for legs to replenish with blood. Then, they wait for that duration before the following compression can be started.

Leg compression:

The usage in Kendall SCD 700 DVT pump series compression system is recommended. Kendall SCD (tm) 700 Series compression device, which includes Leg Sleeves is recommended for.

The deep vein thrombosis is a prophylaxis against pulmonary embolism.

Compression of the feet:

Use of Kendall SCD (tm) 700 series compressor system that includes Foot Cuffs is suggested for.

Circulation enhancement.

Prophylactic prevention of deep vein thrombosis.

Edema - Acute.

Edema - Chronic.

Extreme pain that is a result of surgery or trauma.

Leg Ulcers.

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  • Design - Continuously smooth, grooveless surfaces and slim profile make cleaning easy
  • Graphic -User Interface 3.2-inch color LCD screen provides large icons for visibility
  • CLEANING COMPATIBILITY -Controller material is compatible with most major hospital-grade cleaning agents.

Specification DVT Pump Kendall SCD 700

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Manufacturer : Covidien
Device Type : Equipment
Compression Pattern : Sequential/ Slow
Graduation : 45/40/30 mm HG
Compression Type : Circum-ferential
VRD : Yes
Battery Backup  : Integrated Yes
LCD Display  : Yes
Alarms  : Yes
Garment Type : TL/ KL/ Foot
Garment Detection : Yes
Fabric : Breathable
Compliance Meter   : Yes
Certifications : USFDA
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