DeVilbiss Portable SleepCube Auto BIPAP Machine DV57 (WITHOUT HUMIDIFIER)

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  • Portable with Carry Case 
  • Large Backlit LCD. 
  • Standard 6ft tubing. 
  • New auto-adjusting technology 
  • Flow rounding comfort feature. 
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DeVilbiss Sleep Cube Automatic BIPAP Machine DV57  

Why Use a BiPAP?  


Do you find it difficult to breathe due to medical conditions? In these situations, bilevel negative airway pressure might be beneficial to improve your breathing pattern.  

It is known as a BiPAP ventilator machine that aids and supports breathing. BiPAP machines can help you breathe if you have difficulty breathing.  

The ventilator is connected to a mask and nasal plugs. Your lungs are inflated with pressurized air coming through a ventilator. This activity is called "positive pressure ventilation", as it fills your lungs with positive airway pressure.  

BiPAP machine is a positive pressure ventilator one can use to aid breathing via BiPAP therapy. BiPAP provides positive airway pressure with both when you inhale and exhale.  

However, there is more pressure when you breathe in. This is not how regular ventilators function. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or (CPAP THERAPY), for example, delivers the same pressure as your breath. Either way BiPAP may be more effective than CPAP for various medical conditions.  


What are the various types of BiPAP machines?  

 There are two kinds of BiPAP machines and it's crucial to understand which meets your requirements when searching for the ideal BiPAP to suit your needs. Here's a step-by-step guide to guide you through the various kinds of BiPAP devices available on the market.  

1. (Fixed pressure) BiPAP Manual machine: The pressure on these machines is always fixed.  

2. Auto BiPAP machine This is an automatically adjusting the pressure BiPAP machine.  


Differential ties In BiPAP as well as CPAP:  

 Both use tabletop devices that have an air tube and mask to provide high pressure (PAP). They share similar side consequences and can be utilized to treat similar ailments.  

 The main distinction between the BiPAP and the CPAP machine is the way in which air pressure is distributed. In contrast, BPAP machines can be adjusted in tension of the air supply, while a fixed quantity of air pressure is supplied by CPAP equipment.  

DeVilbiss Autobileve Sleep Cube DV57 provides users with an additional comfort level over other traditional BIPAP machines. Traditional Bi-level therapy uses a higher level of inspiratory pressure (IPAP) and lower expiratory pressure (EPAP) for preventing snoring, hypopneas, or apneas that may impact the breathing of newborns kids and elderly patients who could use this extra level of comfort using this BIPAP machine.  

With our advancement in the BIPAP technology, the DeVilbiss Autobileve Sleep Cube has a "proven" auto-adjusting technology that can continuously monitor patients for apneas events and other irregularities. The bi-level pressure adjusts automatically to provide the best treatment for users who need high pressures.  

The Sleep Cube has many excellent features, making it a popular choice for CPAP patients. It is small and lightweight, easy to use, and has Smart Codes, making reporting data simple. 

Data sheet

In Box
1 Machine, Filter, additional filter, hose pipe, Bag, Code Wire & User manual
Model Name/Number
Country of Origin
United States of America (USA)
2 Year's Mfr Warranty
With Humidifier
With Mask
1.22 kg
17.5 cm (7") x 16.5 cm (6.5") x 10.7 cm (4.2")
Pressure Range
3 - 25 cmH2O
Sound Level
26 dbA
  • Pressure range of 3 - 25 cm H2O in both BiLevel and CPAP mode.
  • The pressure difference between the IPAP pressure setting and EPAP pressure setting can be up to 22 cm H2O.
  • Delay mode is adjustable in 5 minute increments up to 45 minutes.
  • Maintains the same triggering sensitivity with a high leak rate (up to 80l/min.) as at a normal mask leak rate.
  • A Soft Start feature: this permits the patient to acclimatize to the pressure after the unit is powered on.

BIPAP Auto SleepCube Auto Bilevel DV57 Without Humidifier Specification

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Dimensions (WxDxH) : 17.5 cm (7") x 16.5 cm (6.5") x 10.7 cm (4.2")
Model No : DV57
Pressure Range : 3 - 25 cmH2O
Sound Pressure Level : 26 dbA
Maximum Power Consumption : 65 Watts
Average with/without Humidifier : 28 Watts / 12 Watts
Power Supply : 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Total weight : 1.22 kg (2.7 lb)
Warranty : 2 Years Warranty
Sales Pack : Sleep Cube Machine, Hospipe, Adapter, Carry Case, Filter & User Manual




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