Product Highlights :

  • Intelligent Backup Rate (iBR).
  • AutoEPAP maintains upper airway patency.
  • Vsync.
  • TiControl.
  • 5 Trigger and Cycle Senstivities.
  • QuickNav for low touch therapy adjustments.
  • Climate Control Auto for automatic humidification.
  • Ramp and Rampdown for extra comfort
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Lumis 150 VPAP

Lumis 150 VPAP ST is a noninvasive ventilator designed for patients who are not dependent and suffer from restrictive or obstructive respiratory problems. 

With ResMed's unique volume-assurance feature - the iVAPS (intelligent Volume Assured Pressure Support), The Lumis 150 VPAP ST keeps alveolar ventilation at a target to meet the changing needs of every user. 


It has inbuilt Intelligent Backup rates with IBR and AutoEPAP. It continuously monitors your breathing patterns and functions accordingly. 

The ventilator is simple to install and use and is compatible with ResMed's ResScan(TM) software for managing patients. 

Key characteristics:


IntelligentAir is a set of ResMed technologies that can tailor the therapy to meet your specific needs for breathing: 

  • IVAPS learns the individual user's alveolar ventilation, sets the appropriate targets and offers smooth pressure support to meet the user's needs. 
  • Intelligent the Backup Rate (iBR) gives users the best chance to activate the ventilator. While remaining off the scene until required, iBR adds backup breaths to allow users to return to their goal. Available with iVAPS as well as ST mode. 
  • AutoEPAP keeps the upper airway in good condition by automatically adjusting expiratory pressure to accommodate full and partial obstructions. *IVAPS is available in iVAPS mode. 
  • Vsync offers excellent user-ventilator synchronization even in the case of a significant leak. 
  • Control (TM) lets you set max and min limits on both sides of the desired inhalation time to promote spontaneous breathing. 
  • Trigger and Cycle can help you optimize settings to suit the individual's needs by using five cycle and trigger sensitivities levels. 
  • QuickNav to allow for low-touch therapy adjustments. By double-clicking on your Home button, the gadget can switch between the Monitoring and Settings screens to alter and review settings swiftly and effortlessly. 
  • Climate Control Auto for automated humidification. If used in conjunction with the HumidAir(TM) heating humidifier and a ClimateLineAir(TM), the heated tube, Lumis, provides automatic humidification with no setting to alter no complex options to use. 
  • Ramp and Down for additional ease. Lumis provides the Ramp and Ramp Down options to assist users in easing to and from every therapy session. 
  • ResScan software to provide advanced clinical insight. ResScan allows you to download your patient's therapy information and adjust ventilator settings and gain insights into their treatment progress through a range of metrics (including AHI, leak and pressure). The high-resolution data (at 25Hz) can also be downloaded for breath-by-breath analysis and more information. 





Data sheet

In Box
ResMed Lumis 150 BIPAP machine, Detachable Humidifier, Weather control Tubing of 22mm, SD Card (Installed), 1-Standard Filter (Installed), Power Supply and Cord, Travel Bag, User Guide, Mask is not included in the box piece.
Country of Origin
2 years – excluding consumable parts, such as filters, tubing. ( 6 months on humidifier).
Model Name/Number
Lumis 150
With Humidifier
With Mask
1.8 lbs
153 x 140 x 86 mm
Pressure Range
4-25 cm H2O
BiLevel and CPAP, S, ST

Individually responsive with IntelligentAir

IntelligentAir is a collection of ResMed technologies that can tailor therapy to individual breathing needs:

  • iVAPS learns each patient’s unique alveolar ventilation, sets appropriate targets, then provides smooth pressure support to suit.
  • intelligent Backup Rate (iBR)* gives patients maximum opportunity to trigger the ventilator. Staying out of the way until needed, iBR adds backup breaths to comfortably bring patients back to target. *Available in iVAPS and ST modes.
  • AutoEPAP** maintains upper airway patency by auto-adjusting the expiratory pressure in response to partial and full obstructions. **Available in iVAPS mode.
  • Vsync provides excellent patient-ventilator synchrony, even in the presence of a significant leak.
  • TiControl™ lets you set min and max limits on either side of the patient’s ideal inspiratory time to encourage spontaneous breathing.
  • Trigger and cycle help you optimise settings according to the patient’s condition, using five trigger and cycle sensitivity levels.
  • QuickNav for low-touch therapy adjustment. By simply double-clicking the home button on the device, you can toggle between the Settings and Monitoring screens to change and check settings quickly and easily.
  • Climate Control Auto for automatic humidification. When used with a HumidAir™ heated humidifier and ClimateLineAir™ heated tube, Lumis delivers humidification automatically – no settings to change and no complicated menus to navigate.
  • Ramp and Ramp Down for extra comfort. Lumis offers both Ramp and Ramp Down features to help patients ease into and out of each therapy session.
  • ResScan software for advanced clinical insights. ResScan enables you to download your patients’ therapy data, change ventilator settings, and gain insight into their therapy progress across a number of metrics (including AHI, leak, and pressure). High-resolution data (at 25 Hz) is also available for breath-by-breath analysis and even greater insight.

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Bipap Lumis 150 Specification

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Operating Modes : BiLevel and CPAP, S, ST
Size (Approximate) : BiPAP: 6.0 x 5.5 x 3.4 inches
BiPAP with Humidifier : 6.0 x 11.5 x 3.4 inches
BiPAP with Humidifier : 3.5 lbs
Air outlet : 22 mm taper
Brand : ResMed
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 153 x 140 x 86 mm
Pressure Range : 4-25 cm H2O
Weight (Approximate) : 1.8 lbs