Nursing Highlights :

  • Handling Ventilator / Oxygen Units /Bipap and Suction
  • Tracheostomy Suction
  • Peg Feeding 

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Data sheet

GNM Nursing Service
Service Duration
12hrs & 24hrs
Service Shift
Day & Night

GNM Nursing Responsibilities:

  1. Sponging Or Bathing
  2. Changing Diapers / Cloths and Bed Sheets
  3. Changing Dressing
  4. Given RT feed every 2 Hrs. and Monitoring 
  5. Given Medicine as per the doctor's Prescription OR discussion
  6. Noting BP / Sugar / Heartbeats
  7. Exercise two times a day
  8. Changing sleeping position every two hrs.
  9. Urine Count
  10. Given Injection – Direct OR IV and Drip Monitoring
  11. IV line Monitoring
  12. Handling Nebulizer / Oxygen Units / Bipap  and Suction
  13. Monitoring and RT feeding 
  14. Care of Central Line
  15. Siring pump – IV Injection purposes
  16. Evaluate and monitor the patient’s progress.
  17. Identify sudden or subtle changes in a patient’s medical condition.
  18. Deliver regular updates to doctors, patients, and their family members.
  19. Begin treatment and monitor doses.
  20. If necessary, respond to a medical emergency and alert the appropriate doctors.
  21. Care for patient needs throughout their recovery in the ICU unit.
  22. Complete all necessary paperwork before transferring a patient.
  23. Maintain patient records.
  24. Create and implement effective care plans.
  25. To maintain personal hygiene and comfort of the patients.
  26. To provide psychological support to the patients.
  27. To see to the nutritional needs of the patients and should feed
  28. To maintain a clean and safe environment for the patients
  29. To maintain nurses' notes and intake and output charts.
  30. Promote respiratory function
  31. Monitor for Complications
  32. Prevent Infections
  33. Provide adequate nutrition
  34. Monitor GI Bleeding
  35. Suction as Needed
  36. Turn and reposition every 2 hours
  37. Secure ETT properly
  38. Monitor ABG value and pulse Oximetry