Product Highlights:

  • Imported long-lasting heating coil.
  • For complete safety and comfort, there are four layers of insulation.
  • Ultra-soft washable cotton cover; velcro strap-on belt. Twin thermostat with in-built safety features for 100 percent safety.
  • Three sizes are available; they can be used in any area that is affected.
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Help you relieve muscle spasms, muscle pain or joint pains, and other conditions of the orthopaedic that cause discomfort. BPL has a solution.

This orthopaedic heating pad is ideal for relieving many day-to-day discomforts like back pains, period cramps, or various other orthopaedic injuries. It's extremely beneficial if used appropriately and directed to ail body pain, including stress.

Operating this electric heating pad is extremely easy. Say goodbye to chronic low back pain and all the expenses included with physical therapy that one has to take for muscular pain relief.

BPL Heating belt has an inbuilt thermostat to ensure security for the user. It also offers three levels of heating to ease discomfort. To make it easier for you to use, it is equipped with a washable cotton cover and two sizes: Extra Large and Regular.

Features include:

  • Improves blood flow in conditions of the orthopaedic limb, eases joint pain, muscle spasms and discomfort
  • Built-in thermostat, as well as four layers of insulation, ensures security
  • Flexible enough to extend and cover the affected areas
  • Top-quality, washable and soft cotton cover
  • Two sizes to choose from with velcro belt-Regular as well as Extra huge
  • Three heating levels to ensure convenience and comfort

Let go of the aches and woes.

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Heating Belt Prime BPL Specification


Temperature controller with 3 heat levels

: Position 1: 47C - 52C
: Position 2: 53C - 62C
: Position 3: 63C - 85C
Maximum Temperature : 90C
Power Supply : AC 220-24V, 50Hz
Wattage : 45 Watts 




  • Plug the power cord in the electrical socket and switch it on 
  • Wait for 3-4 mins for the BPL HEATING Belt PRIME to heat up.
  • Place the Heating belt on the area to be treated
  • Select the temperature controller setting as per use
  • Turn the heating belt off and unplug the power cord after use.



  • If used improperly this product can cause server burns to the skin and damage to property.